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Once under the Inca Empire's rule, Argentina today is bordered by Paraguay, Bolivia, Brazil, Uruguay and Chile. It is located on the South American continent with the Andes Mountains running along side the country. The fertile Pampas give way to a healthy agricultural sector; furthermore, the Patagonian plateau is rich in natural resources. To add to the abundance of beautiful geography, Argentina's Gran Chaco is the subtropical flatland bordering Brazil. The climate, as a result of the topography and varied winds that sweep the enormous coastline, give Argentina a predominantly temperate climate; whereas the north is more subtropical and the south is sub-polar.

Argentina is considered to be a Federal Republic and has its capital in Buenos Aires. The president is the Head of State and Government, the executive power, and the Commander in Chief. The Congreso de la Nacion is the legislative power of Argentina, consisting of the Senado (Senate) and the Camara de Diputados (Chamber of Deputies). The economy as a result of abundance in natural resources is beginning to show prosperous times, regaining strength in the national currency the Argentine Peso.

The Argentine culture is heavily influenced by European settlers, mostly of Spanish origin. This is especially depicted in the Argentine cuisine and architecture, which the Spaniards, Italians, Germans, and French introduced into the country in the early 1500's. Lasting traditions of the Argentine culture are the gaucho, which are considered to depict the traditional country way of living through self-reliance.

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Quick Facts

Population: 42,192,494
Capital: Buenos Aires
Per-capita GDP: $ 17700
Size: 2,780,400 km2
Time Zone: (GMT - 03:00 hours) Brasilia

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Travel Warning: YES
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