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General Policies for Semester and Full Year Programs

  • Students must successfully complete the REQUIRED Cross-Cultural Training I course (INTL-151) with the following requirements:
    • Must be passed with a "C" or above. May not be taken Pass/No Credit.
    • May not be audited by students going abroad on a Pacific-approved Education Abroad program under any circumstances. Other students require permission from the instructor.
    • May not be taken for less than two credit hours.
    • Attend the Pre-Departure Orientation at the beginning of the last class meeting.
  • A $150 administrative fee for education abroad will be charged to your student account once you have submitted a complete application to IPS. The fee is non-refundable.
  • Students must notify both IPS and the program provider in writing if you decide to withdraw from a program. In the event of a withdrawal, students will be responsible for any deposits and/or cancellation fees of the program provider and/or university, including non-refundable program fees already paid by IPS to the program. You may also be required to reimburse any scholarships received.
  • Be aware that the "current address" you put on their application will be used by the program/university to mail your acceptance letter and other pertinent information unless you indicate otherwise on your application. It is your responsibility to check for such mailings, and to notify the Education Abroad Office and the program provider in writing if they change mailing and/or email addresses.
  • IPS does not support travel to countries with travel warnings issued by the U.S. Department of State 
  • Students must maintain full-time enrollment (12-18 units) while studying abroad. If more than 18 units are taken, students are responsible for paying the additional per unit cost. 
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