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Types of Programs

Semester or Academic Year

Pacific students studying abroad for a semester or year on an approved program (Exchange or Affiliated) are able to utilize financial aid for tuition-related expenses and will receive Pacific credit for any credits earned on the program.  Students also receive support from Pacific's Education Abroad Office and other administrative services of the university including Risk Management and Pacific's Emergency Travel Assistance.

Exchange Programs (2 types):
1. ISEP Exchange: ISEP offers Pacific students the opportunity to study in over 150 universities in 50 countries. These are immersion opportunities in which you will typically be living and taking classes with local students.  Housing and meals are guaranteed as part of your exchange package, are paid to Pacific, and therefore can be covered by relevant financial aid benefits.  Choosing this option will also allow an inbound international ISEP Exchange student to come to Pacific.
2. Pacific's Exchange Partners: Pacific has a number of exchange partners with which we "exchange" students on a 1:1 basis. These are also immersion opportunities in which you will be living and taking classes with local students. You will arrange your own housing and meals with the host university.

Affiliated Programs: 
Pacific has established formal affiliations with a number of third-party providers. Third-party providers are organizations that specialize in creating and maintaining study abroad programs for American students. All of the affiliated programs on our website have been vetted and approved by the university. The providers that Pacific currently affiliates with are USAC, CIEE, IES Abroad, ISEP Direct. Affiliated programs vary in the level of immersion and independence.  They also offer a variety of housing and meal options as well as excursions, internships, and other program benefits.

Unaffiliated Programs: 
Unaffiliated programs are run by providers or other universities in the US and abroad with which Pacific does not have a formal agreement. Students who choose to go on an unaffiliated program will essentially take a leave of absence from Pacific for the term and cannot utilize financial aid on the program. Additionally, students will receive transfer credit rather than Pacific credit for any credits earned. Pacific students may petition to apply to an unaffiliated program provided they have specialized academic needs that cannot be met by one of our many Pacific-sponsored and affiliated programs. 


A Pacific faculty-led program is one that is sponsored by a Pacific department and led by a Pacific faculty member. These programs are usually short-term (1-8 weeks) over the summer. 

Third-party Providers
Pacific does not facilitate summer study abroad programs, but we recommend students look to our affiliated partners first to see what types of options are available.
**If you are applying to study abroad on a third-party provider summer program, please select the "I am not currently enrolled in an institution" or similar, option. Since you are not applying through Pacific's Education Abroad Office, this is the appropriate selection.

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