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Costs for Education Abroad

Below is a list of the typical costs involved with an education abroad program along with information regarding to whom payment is due. Please note, program packages can vary widely for what is included.

Semester/Full Year Programs

Charged to Pacific
student account
Paid directly to provider/host 
or arranged by participant
Pacific tuition$
Education Abroad administration fee$
Program application fees and deposits
Housing and meals($ only for ISEP Exchange)$
Books, supplies, lab fees
Airfare and local transportation
Visa and passport
Health insurance
Activities and excursions

Financial aid, including loans, scholarships, grants and tuition remission, may apply toward the costs of semester and full year programs. Please check with the Financial Aid Office in Knoles to find out about the continuation of your financial aid package.

**If you are a tuition exchange student, your benefits only apply to exchange programs (ISEP Exchange or Pacific's exchange partners).  Please contact IPS if you have any questions. 

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