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Pre-Departure Instructions

1.  Representatives from Housing, Financial Aid, Student Accounts, and IPS will provide you with a Pre-Departure Orientation. ATTENDANCE is MANDATORY on this day as each representative will be explaining which items you must take care of before you leave for your semester or year abroad.

2.  Pay attention to Pacific registration deadlines as missing a registration deadline can jeopardize your ability to receive credits for the classes you take in your education abroad program. 

Verify that Pacific student account has been cleared. Due dates for Pacific tuition and fees apply to education abroad students as they are charged Pacific tuition as usual. Students will not be allowed to register for the SABD 000-01 Overseas Study course if there are any holds on their account.

4. Meet with faculty advisor(s)
to address any last minute academic concerns with your faculty advisor(s) prior to your departure. You should let your faculty advisor(s) know your anticipated return date and be sure you have their contact information as they may need to approve additional courses not listed on your CAR form once you set your class schedule abroad.

*If you will be in senior standing while abroad: Complete Application for Graduation. See your faculty/academic advisor(s) for the appropriate forms and procedures. Also, discuss Evaluation of Degree Requirements with your faculty/academic advisor prior to departure.

We also recommend you check out some of the Resources web sites for travel safety and health issues information to help prepare you for your journey.

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