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Recommended Timeline


Two - Three Semesters prior

Two Semesters prior

  • Compile a list of program courses that might fulfill major/minor/GE requirements.
  • If there are any requirements that you must fulfill while abroad, list at least two courses that would fulfill each requirement (i.e. list alternatives).
  • Obtain the full course syllabi from the program sponsor / host institution.
  • Get approval from your major/minor Advisors and your school's GE coordinator as soon as possible.

One Semester prior

  • Complete program application well before the deadline and submit to IPS.
  • Double check with student accounts and financial aid offices to make sure your payments and aid are squared away. It is most efficient to do this in person.

After Application Acceptance

 Five Months prior

  • Passport application/renewal (must be valid for 6+ months after end of program).

 Three Months prior

  • Get a list of visa requirements from your program from the U.S. State Department. Requirements vary among regional consulates.
  • Gather all necessary documents for your visa application (note that some may require a doctor visit, so plan ahead). Apply as early as possible.
  • If you are going to two countries consecutively, be sure that you can either:
- apply for the second visa through the mail, send a proxy to the embassy/consulate to apply in your stead, or
have sufficient time as a third country citizen to apply in the first country (not guaranteed).

Do not rely on express/emergency visas, as some countries don't offer these.

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