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Cross Cultural Training

Cross-Cultural Training I (INTL 151) is a two-unit course designed to prepare students (US or international) for study and life abroad.

Topics include:

  • U.S. values and assumptions
  • Cross-cultural communication
  • Cross-cultural adjustment and problems
  • Research on the host country.

The Cross-Cultural Training course must:

1. Be registered for and successfully completed by ALL students who are going abroad for a semester or year on a Pacific-approved Education Abroad    program.

2. Be passed with a "C" or above. May NOT be taken Pass/No Credit.

3. NOT be audited by students going abroad on a Pacific-approved Education Abroad program under any circumstances. Other students require permission from the instructor.

4. NOT be taken for less than two credit hours.

What's Up with Culture?

This Online Cultural Training Resource for education abroad offers an opportunity to explore various aspects on intercultural communication and adjustment models that are known to impact upon all education abroad experiences.

A previous version of the  course syllabus can be reviewed for more details about the CCTI course. This course is required for all students participating on semester or year-long programs. This may mean paying course overload fees if students are unable to re-arrange their schedules to accommodate this 2-unit course.

This course is REQUIRED for all students participating on semester or year programs. To be eligible for study abroad, you must pass this course with a grade of C or better. The class meets once a week for three hours and is eight weeks long, beginning about the fourth week of the semester and ending a few weeks before finals begin. Because of its abbreviated length and intense curriculum, attendance at all eight classes is mandatory.


If you will study abroad for a semester or longer, you must first complete Cross-Cultural Training I and its  Workbook.

The Workbook describes the seriousness of study abroad and the realities often overlooked when planning to study overseas. It is comprised of detailed questions that pertain to a semester abroad.

Topics include:

  • Health issues
  • Safety and legal concerns
  • Immigration regulations
  • Knowledge of the host country
  • Political issues
  • Financial, housing and meals

Students are expected to research each question extensively. It will become a valuable resource for you. You are encouraged to take their Workbook with you when you travel overseas.

The Online Cultural Training Resource for study abroad offers an opportunity to explore various aspects on intercultural communication and adjustment models that are known to impact upon all study abroad experiences.

Student Guide

One very good resource that is available online and in print is the  Study Abroad Handbook.

University of the Pacific Education Abroad Office